Version 1.60


  • Fixed some inaccurate tooltips
  • Fixed Gravekeeper's building appearance
  • Fixed a minor exploit with Antistuck
  • Fixed Doppelganger and Tree of Life special effects disappearing when attacking (this is purely cosmetic)
  • Replaced PolledWaits with Waits to reduce lag
Fighter Balances
    • Buffed Infantry (23.4 -> 25.2 dps)
    • Buffed Veteran (725 -> 740 hp)
    • Buffed Tempest (530 -> 600 hp)
    • Buffed Leviathan (1305 -> 1420 hp)
    • Buffed Krogoth (1970 -> 2200 hp and Vital Slice, 15% -> 20%)
    • Buffed Neotank (156.8 -> 163.3 dps)
    • Buffed Doomsday Machine (335.3 -> 364.5 dps)
    • Buffed Gnoll Savage (400 -> 430 hp)
    • Buffed Hades slightly (1 -> 1.5 mana regen)
    • Buffed Slavemaster (735 -> 770 hp)
    • Buffed Bigfoot (2465 -> 2615 hp)
    • Nerfed Defiler (64 -> 61 dps)
    • Buffed Hydra (191.5 -> 196 dps)
  • Increased Level 14 (Tuskar Warriors) gold bounty (10 -> 12)
  • Increased Level 15 (centaurs) gold bounty (8 -> 9)
  • Buffed Chariot (summon) (25 -> 28 dps)
  • Buffed Dark Draenei (summon) Swiftness Aura (15% -> 30%) and income (12 -> 14)
  • Buffed Gargoyle (summon (920 -> 1070 hp)
  • Nerfed Warlock (summon) income (15 -> 14)
  • Lowered collision sizes of many summons
Other Balances
  • Raised Food Cap to 125
  • Adjusted Hybrid fighter costs
  • Improved some toolitps
  • Added 50% Sell and 90% Sell icons for Hybrid race and Bottom Feeder/King Claw
  • Added Most Fighters Value to the ending scores message
  • Removed "You have X seconds to prepare for the next level" message
  • Added a new race: Elf
  • Added a new secondary game-mode, -ns ("No Saving"): At the end of wave 4/5/6/7/.../30 you may only have a maximum of 40/50/60/70/.../300 lumber. Any extra lumber is removed.
  • Reenabled HostBot Command Library (HCL) support

Version 1.50c


  • Fixed some tooltips & hotkeys
  • Fixed Pyro's damage (now correctly deals 100 dps)
  • Fixed Swamprunner's Sell value
  • HCL support removed, due to bugs.
  • Removed Sea Giant's Tidal Wave ability, due to freezing. Buffed dmg to compensate.
  • Buffed Slavemaster (Slave Trade, 1/2 gold -> 2/3 gold per servant/slavemaster)
  • Buffed Ogre Basher (170 -> 175 hp)
  • Buffed Ogre Pulverizer (610 -> 630 hp)
  • Buffed Proton (1.30 -> 1.25 aspd)
  • Buffed Adept (1.50 -> 1.45 aspd)
  • Buffed Oracle (Guardian Spirit, 84% -> 77% dmg received)
  • Buffed Swamprunner (260 -> 280 hp, 25 -> 27 dps)
  • Nerfed Bottom Feeder (420 -> 400 hp, 38.0 -> 36.3 dps)
  • Buffed Level 30 (15350 -> 17055 hp)
  • King control reworked: once a player gains control of his team's King, another player cannot take control until the first player deselects it. The 5 second minimum control time still applies.

Version 1.50b


  • Improved HCL support. Now works if the bot enters the game-mode with or without a dash.
  • Fixed an exploit
  • Fixed bugs with -rd
  • Fixed a bug with Sea Giant freezing up
  • Fixed a bug with Hydra
  • Fixed a bug with Mutant (Inject Steroids)
  • Fixed bugs with Level 31
  • Fixed max food
  • Fixed lag issues
  • Fixed Sky Dragon hotkey
  • Fixed some tooltips & other small bugs
  • Fixed a bug with Fury
  • Increased cost of some Hybrid towers:
    Tier 3 (80 -> 85 gold)
    Tier 5 (195 -> 205 gold)
    Tier 6 (305 -> 315 gold)
  • Nerfed Bottom Feeder (39.8 -> 38.0 dps)
  • Nerfed King Claw (94.8 -> 91.9 dps)
  • Nerfed Sea Giant (Tidal Wave 100 -> 90 dmg per target, 400 -> 360 max dmg)
  • Renamed/rethemed Storm Cloud to Storm Geyser. Appears on the ground rather than in the air. Moves faster than before, but has the same effects otherwise.
  • Changed Mutant (2050 -> 1800 hp, 189.9 -> 166.1 dps, 180 -> 400 range)
  • Income is now enabled by default, even if playing one-side only
  • Income is no longer "increased" by summoning after the first wave of Level 31

Version 1.50


  • Fixed a bug with -restart (workers not being re-ordered)
  • Fixed Level 20 attack type (in messages)
  • Fixed a bug with Oracle (not recasting Guardian Spirit on Level 31)
  • Fixed a bug with victory/defeat conditions on Level 31 in certain situations
  • Fixed some tooltips & quest entries
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Unit Stats page
  • Fixed some other small bugs
Fighter Balances
    • Buffed Veteran (700 -> 725 hp)
    • Buffed Pyro (94.2 -> 100 dps, lowered collision size)
    • Buffed Captain (565 -> 585 hp)
    • Buffed Zeus (Power surge, 45 -> 50 dmg)
    • Changed Neotank & Doomsday Machine (aspd 1.05 -> 0.9, dmg lowered to keep same overall DPS as before)
    • Buffed Gnoll Savage (370 -> 400 hp)
    • Buffed Medusa (720 -> 820 hp, 52.4 -> 59.6 dps)
    • Changed Medusa's Enchanted Poison (mspd no longer stacks, but 20% -> 35% slow)
    • Nerfed Guardian (44 -> 41.5 dps)
    • Buffed Fire Archer (245 -> 275 hp, 27.3 -> 32.2 dps)
    • Buffed Blood Thirst (7% -> 8% lifesteal)
    • Buffed Sound of Madness (14% -> 16% lifesteal)
    • Dark Mage's Mindwarp now prioritizes closer allies
    • Nerfed Aqua Spirit (210 -> 200 hp)
    • Nerfed Oceanus (59.7 -> 57.3 dps)
    • Buffed Adept (530 -> 560 hp)
    • Buffed Disciple (630 -> 670 hp)
    • Buffed Messiah (1015 -> 1085 hp)
    • Changed Fenix (1810 -> 1700 hp, 190 -> 203 dps)
    • Buffed Wraith (46.9 -> 50.8 dps)
    • Buffed Mercurial (100.2 -> 113.5 dps)
    • Buffed Dark Priest (109.9 -> 135.2 dps)
    • Buffed Meridian (175.5 -> 210.6 dps, Catastrophe AOE damage (70 -> 85))
    • Buffed Apparition (112.5 -> 123.8 dps)
    • Buffed Gravekeeper (162 -> 194.4 dps)
    • Nerfed Outcast (1080 -> 1040 hp)
    • Nerfed Soul of Hero, defense (865 -> 835 hp)
    • Buffed Tribesman (365 -> 385 hp)
    • Buffed Alpha Male (855 -> 900 hp)
    • Buffed Mistress (1495 -> 1580 hp, 145.4 -> 153.9 dps)
    • Buffed Oracle (92.9 -> 98.3 dps)
  • Level 10 (now deals Chaos damage, but -10% dmg
  • Buffed Level 21 (725 -> 755 hp)
  • Buffed Level 25 (680 -> 715 hp, 75 -> 79.4 dps)
  • Buffed Level 26 (1075 -> 1130 hp, 119.7 -> 125.7 dps)
  • Buffed Level 27 (1135 -> 1190 hp, 126 -> 132.3 dps)
  • Buffed Level 28 (2136 -> 2330 hp, 211.1 -> 220.7 dps)
  • Buffed Level 29 (1360 -> 1400 hp)
  • Level 31 is now Unarmored armor
  • Nerfed Level 31 (6 -> 5 per round)
  • Changed Warden (522 -> 325 mspd)
  • Buffed Chariot (230 -> 270 mspd)
  • Buffed Ballista (230 -> 270 mspd, 600 -> 700 range)
  • No-Bounty Region extended: Units now get the No-Bounty flag as soon as they touch any of the black tile
Other Balances
  • Income is no longer rewarded during level 31
  • Players who leave during level 31 will still receive spawns in their lane for subsequent waves
  • Widened teleport area above King
  • Build time of Farms (14 sec -> 7 sec)
  • Game modes can now be typed in incrementally [ex: you can type -ap, then type -sm in a new line]
  • Added a new primary game mode, -rd ("Random Draft"): Players take turns picking races from a fixed pool (size depends on # players playing). Teams alternate picking. The order of picking within each team is random.
  • Added a new primary game mode, -fr ("Fixed Random"): Each player receives a race chosen at random. No two players will have the same race.
  • Added a new secondary game mode, -hg ("Hourglass"): Leaked units (that is, units that reach the King) give bounty to the enemy King, which is split between the team at the end of the round.
  • Added a new secondary game mode, -nm ("No Middle"): Enemies that reach the middle (Dark Grass) give no gold when killed.
  • Added a new race: Hybrid
  • Added a new race: Marine
  • Added support for HostBot Command Library (HCL), so bots can now enter game-modes
  • Added a new text command, -cls: clears the screen of text
  • Added new debug commands:
    -ike = make East King invulnerable
    -ikw = make West King invulnerable
    -pause or -p = pause Spawn Timer
    -resume or -r = resume Spawn Timer
    -heale = heal East King only
    -healw = heal West King only
    -cleare = clear East enemies onl
    y -clearw = clear West enemies only
    -spawn X = toggle spawn for lane X
    -foodmax = set food to 200

Version 1.42


  • -debug command now displays only commands. Command descriptions are in F9 after typing -debug
  • Fixed a few bugs with the ending scoreboard stats
  • Fixed a bug with King's Shockwave autocast
  • Fixed a bug with Tremor & Fissure not casting on netted units
  • Fixed some tooltips
Fighter Balances
    • Buffed Pyro (hp, dps). Now deals Chaos damage.
    • Buffed Zeus (Power surge now deals 45 dmg, as in 1.41c)
    • Buffed Admiral (dmg)
    • Buffed Krogoth (dmg)
    • Buffed Neotank & Doomsday Machine (hp)
    • Buffed Ranger (aspd)
    • Nerfed Sprite (hp slightly)
    • Nerfed Thunderbird (Aftershock deals 40 dmg, down from 45)
    • Nerfed Tree of Travel (hp slightly)
    • Buffed Apparition (dmg)
    • Buffed Gravekeeper (dmg greatly, hp)
    • Buffed Slavemaster (hp)
    • Buffed Mutant (range to 180)
    • Buffed Bigfoot (Fissure aoe)
    • Buffed Overseer (hp slightly)
    • Buffed Keeper of Souls (dmg, hp slightly)
    • Buffed Doppelganger (evasion %)
    • Lowered Hades collision size
    • Buffed Adept (hp)
    • Buffed Seer of Darkness (dmg, aspd)
    • Buffed Fenix (aspd)
    • Buffed Gnoll Warrior & Gnoll Savage (poison duration on bosses)
    • Nerfed Ogre Basher & Ogre Pulverizer (stun lasts much shorter on bosses)
    • Nerfed Harpy & Medusa (poison duration on bosses)
    • Nerfed Greymane (Battle Cry aoe to 400 from 500)
Other Balances
  • Sell % changed to 50% (from 70%)
  • Middle Area now only increases enemies' armor by 1 (instead of 3)
  • Changed Level 20 (10% less dmg, but deals Chaos damage)
  • Short Mode (-sm) now increases mana regeneration by 15% (in addition to +15% mspd/aspd)
  • Slightly improved Mend AI
  • Nerfed King's Cripple (duration on bosses from 7 to 5)
  • Changed "Middle" area to a darker grass to distinguish its boundaries
  • -value is no longer debug only (now available as a normal command)
  • Removed (8) from filename due to issues with Linux-based HostBots
Thanks to Saint9854, Desinity, and Jman5 for tons of help with this version!

Version 1.41d


  • Fixed -debug text display
  • Fixed a glitch with the end scoreboard
  • Corrected bounties for level 7, 9, 14, 20, 29, and 30
  • Buffed Skeletor (hp, Killing Spree automatically procs on killing blow). Now moves slower as well.
  • Buffed Fire Archer (Flaming Arrows dmg)
  • Buffed Dark Mage (Mindwarp no longer deals damage)
  • Buffed Goblin Scientist (dmg). Also changed missile art.
  • Buffed Goblin Engineer (lower dmg, but has small splash)
  • Buffed Oceanus (bounce dmg)
  • Buffed Specter, Wraith, & Mercurial (dmg slightly)
  • Buffed Veteran (costs 10 less gold)
  • Buffed Guardian (dmg & hp slightly, now has Entangle ability: immobilizes a target & deals 10 damage per second for 4 seconds)
  • Tribesman & Alpha Male now have Medium armor (from Light)
  • Medicine Man & Oracle now have Light armor (from Medium)
  • Buffed Oracle (Guardian Spirit %)
  • Buffed Medicine Man (dmg slightly)
  • Nerfed Zeus (Power Surge dmg)
  • Nerfed Ogre Basher (Club Smash %)
  • King control improved. Any order resets the timer now, in addition to changing owners.
  • Added a text command, -king: Displays king's upgrade stats.
  • Added two additional ending scoreboard stats: Upgrades Bought, Leaks Caught

Version 1.41c


  • Fixed King autocast on/off cooldown
  • Fixed a bug with -ar when typed before -mm
  • Fixed a bug with -mm replays
  • Fixed a bug with -spawnall and -buildall commands
  • Fixed a few tooltips
Game Balances
  • Decreased AOE of summons' auras
  • Summons now have 0 armor (from 3)
  • Creeps & Summons that pass the middle building areas now receive a small armor bonus.
  • End Round Gold decreased, but Kill Bounty increased to compensate: total gold received is the same as before.
Fighter Balances
  • Buffed Troll Fighter (hp slightly)
  • Buffed Troll Warlord (dmg, Adrenaline Rush higher % but only affects aspd)
  • Buffed Dragon Aspect (dmg & hp slightly, better animation)
  • Buffed Aqua Spirit (dmg)
  • Buffed Oceanus (dmg slightly, aspd)
  • Buffed Goblin Scientist (hp slightly)
  • Buffed Tribesman (dmg & hp slightly)
  • Buffed Servant (dmg)
  • Buffed Slavemaster (hp slightly)
  • Buffed Mutant (hp & dmg slightly, Inject Steroids now buffs hp)
  • Nerfed Spawn of Dragon & Dragon Aspect (aoe dmg)
  • Lowered various units' collision sizes
  • Many units hit points changed very slightly (less than 5 hp up or down) to sync up with Units page
  • Added resource text to players' bases (visible to allies only)
  • Changed icon of Mindwarp, Phase Out, Despair Aura, (old icons were already in use)
  • Added a few more End Game stats: Gold From Kills, Fighters Value, and Leaks
  • Added hotkeys for summons
  • Added a new debug command, -income X: set your income to X. Changed current -income command to -toggleincome.
  • Added a new game mode, -sd ("Single Draft"): each player receives 2 random races to choose from.

Version 1.41b


  • Fixed a bug with bottom players base areas
  • Fixed a bug with Aqua Spirit (range)
  • Fixed a bug with Goliath (Reassurance)
  • Fixed a bug with Tree of Time (Chrono Trigger)
  • Fixed a bug with Medicine Man (Mend not healing when 1 unit left)
  • Fixed a bug with Level 29 not being correctly classified as a ranged level
  • Fixed a bug with Level 30
  • Fixed King Regeneration healing much more than intended
  • Autocast on/off for King now has a cooldown
  • Antistuck now has a cooldown
  • Sharing units is disabled
  • Fixed a few tooltips
  • Air units no longer "stack"
  • Changed Oracle (replaced Divination with Guardian Spirit: At beginning of level, creates guardian spirits above 4 adjacent units, causing them to take only 88% of all incoming damage. Lasts the entire level.
  • Changed Tribesman & Alpha Male (Throw Net on air units pulls them into melee range)
  • Buffed Skeletor, Fire Archer, and Dark Mage (all now have Frenzy: hp regen and fast movement speed)
  • Buffed Nightcrawler slightly (aspd)
  • Nerfed Harpy (Envenom dmg) and Medusa (Enchanted Poison dmg)
  • Nerfed Gnoll Savage slightly (Deadly Poison dmg)
  • Nerfed Spawn of Dragon (splash area)
  • Buffed King's Shockwave (range)
  • Nerfed King's Immolation (slightly less dmg, and no longer hits air)
  • Hermit Healing Aura increased slightly, but no longer stacks
  • Buffed Chariot & Ballista (dmg)
  • You now receive end-of-round gold & income after completing level 30
  • New command, -info #: displays level information about level #.
  • New debug command, -restart: restarts the game (mostly). Player red only
  • New debug command, -heal: heals both kings

Version 1.41


  • Fixed a bug with Leviathan damage
  • Fixed a bug with Goliath (Reassurance)
  • Fixed a bug with Troll Champion (Adrenaline Rush)
  • Fixed a bug with Medusa (Enchanted Poison)
  • Fixed a bug with Oracle (Divination)
  • Fixed an exploit with Mutant (Inject Steroids)
  • Buffed Harpy, Medusa, and Gnoll Savage (Poison can now kill units and will always reward bounty for kills)
  • Buffed Specter (dmg) slightly
  • Buffed Slavemaster (Slave Trade now gives 2 gold per unit)
  • Buffed Watcher (dmg) slightly
  • Buffed Violet (Blue Wind now sends 3 gusts per second)
  • Buffed Ranger (dmg)
  • Buffed Meliai (Precision affects all units, but less bonus damage. Added Mark Target ability: each attack marks an enemy target, causing it to take 25% more damage from piercing attacks.)
  • Nerfed Harpy (poison dmg) slightly
  • Nerfed Medicine Man (Mend hp healed)
  • Changed Minotaur & Bigfoot (melee range now, instead of 180. Buffed hp/dmg).
  • Changed Dark Priest & Meridian (Haunting & Catastrophe much more damage, much shorter duration. Should fix the bug where DoT doesn't grant bounty)
  • Changed Ogre Basher & Ogre Pulverizer (less collision size)
  • Changed Servant (buffed hp, nerfed dmg)
  • Changed Slavemaster (nerfed hp, buffed dmg)
  • Changed Zeus (replaced Lightning Strike with Power Surge: deals 45 damage at the cost of 10 mana. Zeus regens 1 mana per attack (no natural regen))
  • Changed Oracle (Divination now bounces to "nearby" units rather than adjacent ones)
  • King Abilities are now no longer entirely random:
    Level 4: Immolation, Shockwave, or War Stomp
    Level 12: Cripple, Entangling Roots, or Frost Attack
    Level 20: Command Aura, Devotion Aura, Endurance Aura, Thorns Aura, or Trueshot Aura
    Level 28: Evasion, Bash, or Critical Strike
  • King Upgrades remade. The more you purchase an upgrade, the greater the increase per level.
  • King Upgrades now give +3 income each.
  • King's Cripple and King's Frost now lasts longer on bosses
  • Nerfed level 20 (dmg)
  • Nerfed level 11 (hp)
  • Added a new unit "Dwarven Engineer" as an upgrade between Goblin Scientist & Mutant
  • Improved AI for Mend, Tremor, Fissure, Seduce
  • Improved AI for Mindwarp
  • Improved enemy pathing in "middle" lanes
  • Mastermind mode changed: players now receive vision of the enemy team's leaked units
  • Reverted to 1.31d "Enemies Left" text
  • Flipped trees/worker positioning for bottom players
  • In -debug mode, when playing one side only, summons sent to the enemy team will also be sent to you
  • Game Mode timer now always lasts 10 seconds, rather than automatically ending when a game mode is typed in

Version 1.40c

  • Reverted back to 1.31d style terrain & theming (1.40 custom terrain tiles caused Macs to crash)
  • Reverted back to 1.31d spawn-creation (only air levels are "spread out")
  • No longer uses fast-loading code (should fix some misc. bugs)
  • Fixed a bug with Orange building in the middle
  • Nerfed Dragon Turtle (hp, dmg)
  • Improved Mend AI
  • Buffed Zeus (aspd)
  • Bufed Mutant (dmg) slightly
  • Buffed Servant (dmg) & Slavemaster (hp, dmg)
  • Buffed Minotaur (Tremor now deals 40 damage)
  • Buffed Yggdrasil & Water of Life (heal # targets)

  • Version 1.40b

  • Fixed a bug with spawns getting "stuck" behind terrain or in cliffs
  • Fixed a bug with Tremor/Fissure not autocasting on netted units
  • Fixed a bug with -repick
  • Lowered collision sizes of various levels

  • Version 1.40


    • Fixed a few bugs with Shadow summon behavior
    • Fixed bugs occuring when an entire team leaves the game or income is enabled in a single-team game
    • Fixed a bug with King's Thorns Aura not working on certain air levels
    • Fixed a bug with bosses attacking slower than they should
    • Fixed a bug with the -abil command in -debug mode causing a fatal error
    • Fixed an exploit with sell
    • Fixed an exploit with farms
    • Fixed an exploit with Antistuck
    • Mistyping a game-mode no longer defaults to -ap
    • Fixed some tooltips
      • Gnoll Savage's Deadly Poison, Harpy's Envenom, and Medusa's Enchanted Poison no longer can deliver the killing blow.
      • Nerfed Spawn of Dragon slightly (reduced cleave)
      • Buffed Carrion Spitter (dmg)
      • Buffed Nightcrawler (dmg, hp)
      • Nerfed Hades (Imps duration, Diabolic no longer regenerates mana)
      • Buffed Wraith (dmg)
      • Buffed Mercurial (dmg, hp)
      • BUffed Soul of Hero (dmg, hp)
      • Buffed Soul of Villain (dmg, hp, Violate lasts longer on non-bosses)
      • Nerfed Phantom (mana regen)
      • Buffed Zeus (added the Lightning Strike ability; deals bonus damage to bosses)
      • Buffed Pyro (hp, dmg)
      • Buffed Tempest (dmg)
      • Buffed Leviathan (dmg)
      • Buffed Neotank (aspd)
      • Buffed Doomsday Machine (dmg, hp, aspd)
      • Buffed Violet (Blue Wind now targets all units, but only 2 gusts per second instead of 3)
      • BUffed Watcher (dmg) slightly
      • Buffed Golem (dmg, hp) slightly
      • Buffed Proton & Adept (mspd)
      • Buffed Disciple (Mana Burst dmg)
      • Buffed Messiah (Mana Burst dmg, aspd)
      • Buffed Oceanus (hp) slightly
      • Buffed Ent & Guardian (hp)
      • Buffed Ranger (dmg)
      • Buffed Meliai (dmg, hp, Precision deals more damage, but only affects air units)
      • Buffed Goliath (increased Natural armor percent and damage reduction, added Reassurance ability: increases armor of nearby friendly units by 3. Very small area of effect.)
      • Nerfed Yggdrasil and Tree of Life (Sacred Blessing and Water of Life now have max # targets)
      • Buffed Shaman's Blood Rush (lasts longer on non-bosses)
      • Buffed Level 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 (hp/dmg)
      • Buffed Level 9 (hp)
      • Buffed Level 11 slightly (hp/dmg)
      • Buffed Level 16-19 slightly (hp)
      • Buffed Level 20 (added the Torrent ability; attacks bounce 1 time)
      • Buffed Level 30 (added the Shockwave ability)
      • Armor increase per level now starts at level 15 (from 18)
      • Removed Stop/Attack buttons from King (you can still target attacks with right-click). This is to prevent a certain exploit.
      • Creeps/Summons are now separated upon creation.
    • New terrain by LilBlueSmurf
    • New map preview picture
    • Added a new race: Demi-Human. Thanks to Zanam05 initial ideas.
    • Added a new game-mode, -sm ("Short Mode"): Less time between rounds, all units move and attack 15% faster. King has 30% less hit points.
    • Added a new game-mode, -mm ("Mastermind"): Restricted vision, limited scoreboard information.
    • Added a new text command, -zoom: allows you to change the camera zoom between 50% (closest) and 450% (farthest). Example: -zoom 400.
    • Added a new debug text command, -buildall: allows you to build in other players' areas (toggle on/off)
    • Added a quest entry describing Game Modes.
    • Added new debug commands -gold X, -lumber X, and -food. -debug text command no longer gives gold, lumber, or food.
    • Added new functionality to -spawnall debug text command: can now be toggled on/off
    Other (improvements, etc.)
    • Faster loading time
    • Renamed alliances to Dawn Legion and Twilight Legion
    • Builders' Antistuck ability now cannot target enemy fighters. Also targets an area, so magic immune units can be antistucked if necessary.
    • The "-start" command is now enabled for Single Team play (an addition to Single Player)
    • Replaced "Enemies Alive" number with a bar display. Code by Ammorth.
    • Re-enabled the "high scores" messages in addition to the ending scoreboard
    • Renamed a few fields on the ending scoreboard to ensure they don't get cut-off on smaller resolutions

    Version 1.31d


    • Fixed a bug occuring when using magic damage against spell-immune targets
    • Fixed a bug occuring with Fortified armored fighters
    • Fixed a bug with Spawn of Dragon's Circle Slash
    • Fixed a bug with Kraken's Spell Immunity
    • Fixed a bug with summoned units (Shadow race) lasting indefinitely.
    • Fixed a bug where Hades' Diabolic would use mana without raising Imps
    • Fixed attack type of Wyvern summon
    • Fixed Gnoll Savage's (fighter) model size
    • Canceling an upgrade no longer causes towers to lose transparency
    • Fixed a few tooltips
    • Buffed Spawn of Dragon's Circle Slash & Dragon Aspect's Whitefire (full/medium damage area)
    • Buffed Adept (dmg, aspd), but nerfed (hp)
    • Buffed Aqua Spirit & Oceanus (dmg)
    • Buffed Nightcrawler (added the Sticky Webs ability; attacks slows air units)
    • Buffed Zeus (range), but nerfed (dmg). Same as pre-1.31.
    • Nerfed Phantom (hp, dmg) and Hell Raiser (hp, dmg)
    • Nerfed Outcast & Forsaken One (hp)
    • Nerfed Hades' Diabolo (Raise Imps mana cost)
    • Nerfed Captain (dmg)
    • Imps' Corpses can no longer be used to raise more Imps
    • Shaman summon's Blood Rush now lasts 15 seconds on units, and 5 seconds on bosses (previously 10 seconds on all units)
    • Added a new ending scoreboard to replace the end-game text messages. The new scoreboard is modeled after that in DotA: Allstars.
    • Improved AI of fighters, particularly when building in the middle
    • Air enemies now spawn in a separated formation. Air enemies now do not separate themselves during battle. This should help with melee fighters' targeting. Unfortunately, this means air units will "clump" now.
    • Improved some tooltips
    • Added a buff icon for "Boss Unit"
    • King now faces enemies upon engagement
    • Improved Energy Shield & Ghost Essence autocasting
    • Changed "Left Team" and "Right Team" to "West Alliance" and "East Alliance"
    • Income is no longer given on level 31
    • Changed the model for the East Alliance's King

    Version 1.31c


    • Fixed a few gameplay bugs
    • Fixed a bug with Antistuck
    • Fixed a few tooltips
    • Fixed a bug with Hell Raiser
    • Fixed a bug with Tree of Knowledge's Forbidden Fruit
    • fixed a bug with Gravekeeper's Despair Aura
    • Buffed Gravekeeper's Despair Aura (area)
    • Buffed Meridian's Catastrophe (lower cooldown, new effect - units who die with the Catastrophe buff explode, dealing AOE damage), but raised mana cost greatly
    • Buffed Phantom's Silent Scream (dmg), but targets 1 less unit. Also, cooldown raised slightly. (overall nerf)
    • Buffed Hell Raiser's Cacophony (dmg), but targets 1 less unit. (overall nerf)
    • Buffed Lord of Death (hp) slightly & Infernal (dmg)
    • Buffed Hades (hp, dmg) slightly
    • Buffed Nightcrawler (hp) slightly
    • Buffed Wraith (dmg, hp) slightly
    • Nerfed Hippogryphs (L21) (hp, mspd)
    • Nerfed Legion Lord (L31) (dmg)
    • Nerfed Yggdrasil's Sacred Blessing and Tree of Life's Water of Life (area)
    • Nerfed Warrior's Maul (%)
    • Improved autocasting of Greymane's Battle cry, Wraith's Disturb, and Mercurial's Traumatize
    • Removed Sell hotkey
    • Summons are now distributed equally (should be fixed now)
    • Players can now control their King again (should be fixed now)

    Version 1.31b

    • Fixed major and minor bugs
    • Players can no longer control the King (it was buggy). This feature may be added again in the future after more testing.
    • Summoned unit distribution is now random (as before). The new summon distribution system will be added in the future after more testing.

    Version 1.31


    • Fixed a few tooltips
    • Fixed a bug with King stat scaling
    • Fixed a bug with -ar
    • Fixed a bug with Seer of Darkness's & Fenix's Energy Shield
    • Fixed minor bugs with Violet, Nightcrawler, Dark Mage
    • Fighters who reach the middle area now warp to the King
    • Fixed a bug where fighters in the King area would wander off
    • Dark Mage no longer casts Mind Warp on units who already have the buff
    • Fixed a bug occuring when the King is attacked before fighters warp back (the bug was that the fighters would not move back to defend the King)
    • Buffed Skeletor's Killing Spree (%, duration)
    • Shadow summons now have 3 armor (from 0), like other fighters
    • Lowered Zeus' range, but increased its damage
    • Yggdrasil's Sacred Blessing and Tree of Life's Water of Life now have an instant cast-time (so no DPS is lost while healing)
    • Adept cost increased, and stats buffed proportionally
    • Buffed Violet (hp, dmg)
    • Buffed Peewee & Veteran (hp, dmg) slightly
    • Buffed Guardian (hp, dmg) slightly
    • Buffed Tree of Knowledge (hp)
    • Buffed Seer of Darkness & Fenix (mana regen)
    • Buffed Seer of Darkness (dmg, aspd)
    • Buffed Gateguard (dmg) slightly
    • Seer of Darkness & Fenix now have Medium armor
    • Thunderbird's Aftershock now shocks only 1 enemy, but deals more damage.
    • Buffed Lord of Death & Hades (dmg), but nerfed Lord of Death & Hades (mana regen)
    • Buffed Hades' Diabolic's Imp (hp), but nerfed (hp regen)
    • Nerfed Gnoll Warrior's Gnoll Poison (no longer deals dps)
    • Nerfed Gnoll Savage's Deadly Poison (dps, aspd slow)
    • Medusa's Enchanted Poison's aspd reduction no longer stacks (dot and mspd reduction still stack)
    • Nerfed Sprite's Faerie Luck (%)
    • Nerfed Warrior summon's Bash (bonus dmg)
    • Nerfed Seer of Darkness & Fenix (max mana). Also, Energy Shield now only affects 80% of incoming damage.
    • Warrior, Hermit, Commander, Furbolg, Frost Wolf, Dark Draenei, Shaman, and Pudge (summons) all give reduced income
    • Decreased flying summons movement speed
    • Nerfed Gargoyle summon (dmg)
    • Succubus (Level 25) now have fast movement speed
    • Nerfed enemy King when playing one-side
    • Added a new race: Ghost
    • Players can now control their King
    • Players can toggle Autocast On/Off for their King
    • Replaced Dark Draenei's Evasion with Swiftness Aura (+mspd to allies)
    • Increased End-Round Gold (now it is between that of 1.30 and 1.30b)
    • Summons are now distributed evenly each round between occupied player lanes.
    • Lane terrain widened by 1 space each edge--now you have more room to build.
    • Computer "Attacker" players removed from pre-game lobby to allow a game to be hosted with Observers (up to 2)
    • Improved King Autocast behavior
    • Seer of Darkness & Fenix now reactivate Energy Shield when warped to the King

    Version 1.30b


    • Fixed a critical glitch that would break the game at level 1
    • Fixed a glitch with Sell
    • Fixed a couple tooltips
    • Fixed a couple projectile arts
    • Fixed Level 20 (Maccabeus) & Level 21 (Grom'thar) armor
    • Lowered End-Round gold for every level--beginning levels only decreased slightly, while later levels decreased more.
    • Buffed Ranger's Vulture Eye (raised multiplier), but nerfed (%)
    • Buffed Ent & Guardian (hp) slightly
    • Buffed Messiah (now has Disciple's Mana Burst), but nerfed (hp)
    • Buffed Proton & Adept (dmg)
    • Nerfed Level 21 (Hippogryphs)
    • Nerfed Yggdrasil's Sacred Blesing (hp healed)
    • Nerfed King Attack upgrade (amount)
    • Nerfed King's War Stomp (stun)
    • Nerfed Hermit's Healing Aura (hp healed)
    • Hades's Diabolic now conjures 2 Imps per corpse, but costs double the mana
    • Shadow summons now spawn next to the summoner, rather than next to the spawn wave
    • Buffed Level 20 (Dragon Turtle)
    • Buffed Level 11 (Clockwerk Goblin) slightly
    • Buffed Ballista, Chariot, Kraken (mspd)
    • Buffed Kraken (now spell immune)
    • Changed King's Cripple: lower cooldown, lower movement reduction, higher damage reduction
    • King's base hit points and base damage now varies with number of players on a team as follows:
      1 player team: 2600 hp, 31-41 dmg
      2 player team: 3800 hp, 43-53 dmg
      3 player team: 4600 hp, 51-61 dmg
      4 player team: 5000 hp, 55-65 dmg
    • Changed King Hit Points upgrade tooltip to be more accurate (500 hp per upgrade)

    Version 1.30


    • Fixed all backswing animations of fighters
    • Proton & Adept now give gold for kills
    • Tree of Knowledge's Forbidden Fruit AOE damage now gives gold for kills
    • Fixed Level 31 glitch
    • Fixed a glitch with King's Command Aura
    • Fixed a glitch with Fenix
    • Fixed a glitch with Watcher
    • Fixed a glitch with Violet's Wind Gust
    • Fixed a glitch with Tree of Travel's Helping Hand
    • Fixed a glitch with Infantry
    • Newly upgraded towers no longer sell for 100%


    • Reduced all collision sizes for fighters
    • More expensive fighters now cost additional food
    • Buffed Tree of Knowledge's Forbidden Fruit (%, dmg)
    • Buffed Tree of Life's Water of Life (heal amt)
    • Buffed Ranger & Meliai (dmg), but nerfed (hp)
    • Buffed Meliai's Precision (multiplier)
    • Buffed Leviathan (dmg) and Leviathan's Exploding Shell (dmg)
    • Buffed Ogre Basher's Club Smash & Ogre Pulverizer's Knock Out (%)
    • Buffed Ogre Basher & Ogre Pulverizer (hp), but nerfed (dmg)
    • Buffed Carrion Spitter & Nightcrawler (dmg), but nerfed (hp)
    • Buffed Seer of Darkness/Fenix's Energy Shield (hp per mana), and buffed Seer of Darkness/Fenix (max mana)
    • Buffed Violet's Wind Gust (dps), but only affects air
    • Buffed Messiah's Amplify Magic (%)
    • Buffed Neotank & Doomsday Machine (aspd)
    • Buffed Zeus (aspd)
    • Nerfed Lord of Death & Hades (hp, dmg). Also nerfed Infernal slightly, and buffed Diabolic slightly.
    • Nerfed Captain's Leadership & Admiral's Superiority (%)
    • Nerfed King's War Stomp (stun, mana, cd), King's Shockwave (mana)
    • Nerfed Gateguard & Harbinger (hp)
    • Nerfed Greymane's Battle Cry (%)
    • Nerfed Gnoll Poison & Deadly Poison (DoT no longer stacks)
    • Nerfed Lord of Death (hp, dmg)
    • Nerfed Level 31 (hp)
    • Nerfed King (base dmg) slightly
    • Removed King's Pulverize
    • Proton & Adept now deal chaos damage instead of spell damage
    • Farms now provide 8 food, but cost more


    • Added a new game-mode system. Current game-modes are -ap (All Pick), -ar (All Random), and -ni (No Income). More game-modes to come in future versions.
    • Added new abilities for many summons. Almost every summon now has something unique.
    • Replaced Sea Dragon (summon) with Gargoyle
    • Replaced Thunderbird's Thunder Wave with Aftershock: Shocks 1-2 nearby enemies for 30 damage with each attack
    • Replaced Leviathan's Exploding Shell with Shrapnel: Bombs have a 40% chance of releasing shrapnel and dealing 50 damage to up to 3 nearby enemies.
    • Replaced King's Slow Poison with King's Frost
    • Added a new debug command "-clear" which clears a wave
    • Added a new debug command "-repick" which repicks your builder


    • Removed top arch by the King (it got in the way sometimes)
    • Hades' Diabolic now summons next to the caster
    • Renamed Violet's Wind Gust to Blue Wind & changed projectile

    Version 1.29b

  • Fixed Auras lingering after units leave AOE of aura-bestowing units
  • Fixed Messiah aura (remade)
  • Fixed bug where Adepts & Protons would sometimes not attack at melee range
  • Added a new ability to Skeletor: "Killing Spree" -- 13% chance to increase damage by 25% for 10 seconds with each attack. Does not stack with itself.
  • Buffed Fire Archer's attack, but nerfed its hit points
  • Nerfed Gateguard & Harbinger hit points slightly
  • Nerfed Gnoll Savage poison slightly
  • Nightcrawler damage buffed slightly
  • Goliath's Natural Armor now has a minimum damage received of 5
  • Nerfed Overseer & Keeper of Souls lifesteal auras
  • Removed Worker's Dismiss ability
  • Dark Mage no longer casts Mindwarp until enemies come within range
  • Buffed Zeus slightly
  • Minor game performance improvements
  • Compressed loading screen to save some bytes

  • Version 1.29

  • Enhanced level system--the game should no longer get stuck.
  • Rebalanced summons' movement speed--270 for melee, 250 for range. There are exceptions for certain units.
  • All summons have +25% damage and +25% hit points
  • Fighters no longer warp before clearing a lane if reaching the black tile (this is a bug-fix).
  • Fighters no longer "twitch" when waiting to acquire a target
  • Creeps starting with level 18 (Sludge Flinger) have additional defense
  • A few misc. bug fixes
  • Normal damage now deals 90% to Light armor
  • Pierce damage now deals 70% to Fortified
  • Siege damage now deals 90% to Light armor
  • Thunder Wave affects now affects air units
  • Nerfed Messiah's Amplify Magic
  • Aqua Spirit and Oceanus bouncing attacks now deal 25% less damage per bounce
  • Ents and Guardians now have Heavy armor (from Medium)
  • Diabolic (Hades' summon) nerfed
  • Nerfed Level 31 slightly
  • Nerfed Mindwarp
  • Nerfed Adept slightly
  • Nerfed level 9 & level 11
  • Nerfed Dragon Aspect
  • Nerfed Gnoll Savage
  • Nerfed Enchanted Poison on bosses
  • Added a "txt" command icon to builders which displays text commands

  • Version 1.28

  • Website created:
  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed on obscure bug in which all creeps would be dead, but the next round would not start
  • Leaving players are now indicated in the multiboard (grayed out name)
  • Added a "-next" text command which displays attack/armor type of the next wave
  • Nerfed King's immolation area and damage
  • Aqua spirit damage nerfed
  • Infernal nerfed
  • Enhanced endgame features

  • Version 1.27

  • Added a hotkey for the AntiStuck ability
  • Nerfed Tempest & Leviathan
  • Enemies that leak to the King area (middle) now give no bounty. A debuff is added to said units to indicate this. Summons and Bosses still grant full bounty; however.
  • Added the "Dismiss" ability to workers (removes it without giving any gold).
  • Nerfed Fenix max mana but increased its mana regen
  • Added a "Level 31" level exclusive to left vs. right games that will act as a tiebreaker. Level 31 repeats itself until one team is defeated. If playing one-side only, victory is still achieved after defeating level 30.
  • Nerfed bosses
  • Added -debug commands. To enable -debug commands, Player 1 must type -debug within the first 10 seconds of the game.
  • Fixed Pyro's range

  • Version 1.26

  • Fixed some typos
  • Updated Quest entries
  • Improved missile arts of all summons
  • Improved attack sounds & defense sounds of all summons
  • Added attack & armor types in all summons' tooltips
  • Thunderbird now has the Thunder Wave ability; however, its base damage has been nerfed
  • Fixed Meliai damage
  • Increased cost of Lumberjack Training
  • Replaced King's Slow with a variation of Slow Poison
  • Buffed Hades (Shadow ultimate tower)
  • Added the "Frenzy" ability to Bone Warrior, allowing them to move faster and regenerate hit points.
  • Ranger & Meliai are now more offense-based (higher attack, lower defense)
  • Ent & Guardian are now more defense-based (lower attack, higher defense)
  • Ents now cost 20 gold and received an overall buff
  • Added a buff icon for Amplify Magic
  • Buffed Amplify Magic
  • Magic damage now deals 120% to Heavy armor (up from 110%)
  • Buffed Fire Archer
  • Added the "Mana Burst" ability to Disciple, which uses mana to deal bonus damage. Nerfed Disciple's base stats.
  • Buffed Tree of Travel's Helping Hand but nerfed base stats
  • Removed Antistuck cooldown

  • Version 1.25

  • Fixed some typos
  • Disabled giving gold & lumber
  • Increased Worker gold cost to 50
  • Upgrades now cost 100 lumber, and upgrades have been rebalanced accordingly
  • Increased King's base hit points to 5000
  • Lowered King's base cooldown
  • Increased King's base damage
  • Increased King's damage upgrade
  • Doubled the lumber cost of all summons
  • Income is now gained every level
  • Raised restock time of summons to 10 seconds
  • Summons now only have a maximum stock of 2

  • Version 1.24

  • Fixed several gameplay bugs
  • Added additional AntiStuck functionalities
  • Increased area of King auras
  • Buffed several King abilities
  • Mech race nerfed overall
  • Increased mana pools of Seer of Darkness and Fenix
  • Increased movement speed of Bone Warrior and Gnoll Warrior
  • Aqua Spirit & Oceanus now have normal attack types
  • Modified collision sizes of various units
  • Slightly buffed Overseer & Keeper of Souls aura lifesteal
  • Every 4 levels, King now upgrades +2 armor and +12% attack speed
  • When playing left side only or right side only, income is now disabled to ensure intended game difficulty
  • Fixed Tree of Life & Yggdrasil healing abilities & added special effects & buff icons
  • Fixed Tree of Knowledge AOE damage on death visual effect
  • Tree of Life's AOE Heal on death now heals 150 hit points no matter how close the allied unit is, and its area of effect has been increased
  • Nerfed Yggdrasil, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge overall
  • Decreased all Nature fighters' movement speed slightly
  • Bosses are now "Hero" type; many abilities have reduced effectiveness

  • Version 1.23

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added a warning message for when a King drops below 10% of max hit points. Warning messages will display a maximum of one time every 5 minutes per King.

  • Version 1.22

  • Improved antistuck system.
  • Summons now have appropriate sound-sets.
  • Starting peasants now automatically chop lumber
  • If a player leaves, his spawn is now turned off.
  • Builders can no longer build in other players' areas.

  • Version 1.21

  • Bug Fixes
  • Aura buffs now properly display when level is not in progress
  • Units now warp to the grassy patch above the King, instead of the King, after a lane is completed

  • Version 1.20

  • New Income system implemented. Income is received every 3 levels. Summon units to increase your income.
  • Summons now go to a "holding area" when purchased, instead of directly into play. At the start of each level, all summons in said "holding areas" will be spawned with the normal creeps.
  • Summons can now be purchased at any time (instead of only during a level)
  • Added a special effect to units warping back to the King
  • Leaver's units are now properly removed
  • Summons now have collision sizes
  • Raised starting food cap to 15
  • King upgrades' cost lowered from 100 to 70
  • New loading screen
  • Bug fixes

  • Version 1.12

  • Fighters now do not move until they a target comes within a certain range. This "acquisition" range varies with each unit.
  • Bug fixes & misc. enhancements.

  • Version 1.11

  • Players can no longer summon units after all of the normal attackers have died.
  • Fixed King player's bounty sharing.
  • Slightly increased time to prepare between levels.
  • Starting gold increased to 100.
  • Buffed all summons significantly.
  • Leaver gold now splits among the team.
  • Added the Gnoll Poison and Deadly Poison abilities to Gnoll Warrior and Gnoll Savage respectively.
  • Minor terrain changes.
  • Other assorted changes.

  • Version 1.10

  • Revamped terrain & spawn locations such that each player gets his/her own spawn; however, it is still easy for two players to build together
  • Many critical bug fixes (PVP should now work), and many minor bugs fixed
  • Increased King's range slightly (to prevent enemy from abusing long-ranged attackers to attack the king directly)
  • Summons now have a stock maximum of 5
  • summons now spawn at random, instead of cyclic, spawnpoints
  • summons no longer spawn at vacant spawnpoints, unless all spawnpoints are vacant. If that is the case, summons will spawn at random spawnpoints.
  • Enhanced the "Sell" ability. Towers that are newly built will now refund 100% of total cost.
  • Other assorted changes.

  • Version 1.00

  • First release